When it comes to design and the feel of your home’s interior, trends can be a blessing if you get them right or a curse if you get them wrong. How do you maximize storage and functionality but keep your personal style at the forefront? By following these trends in smartly designed built-ins from Allen’s Built-in Cabinetry.

A great way to utilize space on a wall with windows is to install custom built-in book shelves with a window seat.  It maximizes storage and seating space plus creates a perfect spot for reading.  Another popular trend that’s sure to stick around are built-in mudroom or entryway storage “lockers.”  You know the ones – individual cubbies for the upper and lower shelves, hooks for bags and coats and a bench to sit and tie your shoes.

Creating a functional space in the office is simple when you include both open and closed built-in storage options.  Designing your custom built-ins this way provides a good balance between easy access storage for frequently used items and clean-lined, closed storage for items that make a once-in-awhile appearance. Creating this look within a bank of full-height cabinets – another of-the-moment trend – will result in a classic, seamless look with a ridiculous amount of storage.

Paint trends for this year will also have you in awe of your custom built-ins. A very popular option for many people is painting their built-in cabinets white. White is fresh, clean, crisp and is suited to go with any other design ideas you can think of.  If you already have an abundance of white, give another popular trend a try by painting your built-ins a vibrant colour such as cerulean, emerald or even cranberry.

Achieving your goal of functionality and style in your home is possible with Allen’s Built-n Cabinetry.