Make sure you’re ready for winter with lots of smart storage options for your entryway.

Entryway cabinetryYou can feel it coming in the crisp, Fall breeze: Winter.  It’s on its way and that means pulling out all your accessories to get you through it. Where does it all end up?  Your entryway.

Winter coats, snow pants, heavy boots (more than one pair per person, of course!), not to mention the endless array of hats and scarves, and gloves that never seem to be matched up.  Plus, there’s winter sports equipment for hockey, ringette, skiing, snowshoeing, skidooing, tobogganing and more.  Essentially, the list of things that will be clogging up your entryway over the next several months is endless.

The easiest way to organize your entryway before the snow flies is with built-in custom cabinetry from Allen’s Custom Built-Ins.  Allen’s will work with you to design a beautiful, functional space that’s super organized for this high-traffic area of your home.

A popular option with a multitude of design choices is locker-style cabinetry.  It can be open, closed or both, and be completed with hooks, cubbies and a bench for sitting down – perfect when you’ve been out on the ski hills all day and need some help wrenching off your boots.  Speaking of which, a cubby for those snow-covered boots will help you avoid stepping in melted puddles of snow later – yuck!

If you’re in search of a more streamlined look that still offers tons of storage, a wall of closed-in cabinets may be what you need.  Sometimes, it’s nice to walk into your entryway and not see coats, hats, snow pants and boots everywhere, even when they’re hung up and organized.  Closed cabinets offer a classic look with many different storage options to choose from.

Don’t get buried in boots and coats!  Let Allen’s Custom Built-Ins design and install marvelous entryway cabinetry that will help you breeze through winter.