A fireplace is a wonderful feature that can complete a room or add comfort to your home’s ambiance.  But the space created around that fireplace begs to be filled.  Choosing the purpose and function of your custom built in fireplace cabinetry is just as important as choosing the style.  Once you figure out what will go there and why it will go there, the how will fall naturally into place.

Allen’s Furniture by Design offers complete customization services so that your ideas for the space around your fireplace can become a reality.  No ideas and not sure where to start?  Consider these tips.

Many people enjoy the look of mounting their TV above the fireplace mantle.  But if you don’t want your TV to be the focal point of your room, you can design your cabinetry to actually hide the television when it’s not in use.  Another point to consider when it comes to TVs is the electronic components that go along with it, like your Blueray player, satellite or cable box, or surround sound system.  These can all be incorporated into the design so they’re tucked away in their own spot, or out of sight entirely.

Having a gas fireplace installed opens up your options to include almost anything.  You can easily add floor to ceiling open shelving to display books, art or a collection, complete with remote controlled accent lighting.  Closed shelving can provide a more continuous look, with storage hidden behind cabinet doors.

Custom fireplace cabinetry can create flexible, functional storage options that work with your needs of today and in the years to come.  The team at Allen’s Furniture by Design will work with you to achieve the look and feel that you want for your fireplace cabinetry, enhancing the beauty and contentment of your home.