Surround your fireplace with beautiful, smart, safe custom built-ins for a new look this New Year.

Amherst Custom Fireplace Cabinet

If you have a fireplace in your home, you know that it not only creates a beautiful focal point and cozy spot to relax or socialize – but that it can also create dead space on either side of the surround, mantle and flue, taking away from the timeless beauty of a roaring fire. There are an endless number of design ideas that can work to fill that space but choosing one can be overwhelming. Allen’s Custom Built-Ins can help reduce this feeling with custom designed built-ins for the space around your fireplace.

Fireplaces have been a design element in homes for centuries. As such, the choices of material that can be used to surround them are vast, to say the least. From concrete, steel and stone to wood and brick, there are a multitude of ways to face a fireplace. But unless the same depth of material runs along the entire wall where your fireplace resides, you’re going to have unused space somewhere. Allen’s will come into your home for a consultation, take measurements, and consider the design and layout of the room so your new fireplace built-ins match the space.

Although style and function are important, equally so is the aspect of safety when it comes to designing and installing cabinetry to surround your fireplace. As a heat source, fireplaces can burn the built-ins around them. The professional team from Allen’s will ensure all design elements of your built-ins are installed properly and up to code, as they make the safety of all their designs and products a number one priority.

New custom fireplace cabinets for the New Year is easily said and done with Allen’s Custom Built-Ins.